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Home Renovation Updating Electrical Outlets

Your spring home renovation isn’t complete until you have updated your electrical outlets.  Old standard electrical outlets are no longer up to the task when it comes to powering your modern home and electronics.

At Trowbridge Electrical we recommend that you take this opportunity to make a few simple upgrades.  You will be surprised how the following upgrades can make your life more convenient.

USB Socket Outlets

USB socket outlets are becoming a necessity for charging your phone, tablet and other electronic devices. With outlets equipped with USBs, your life becomes a little bit easier. You can easily plug in your device while you’re in the kitchen, home office or bedroom with a USB upgrade.

Nightlight Outlets

Bulky, inconvenient nightlights aren’t your only option. News outlets like the SnapPower outlet feature a nightlight as part of their design. When you turn the lights out, the nightlight comes on, illuminating the outlet from below. No longer do you need to unplug the light to charge your computer?

Drawer and Cabinet Outlets

If you’re undertaking a bathroom renovation, adding an outlet inside of a drawer or cabinet is a way to conveniently power electric razors, hairdryers and more styling tools. If you add in a USB plug as well, you’ll keep your phone charging while you get ready to take on the day.

Charging Stations

This idea can also carry over to creating a charging station in your bedroom or living room. Install a couple of plugs in the back of a drawer and let your devices charged without the unsightly wires sprawling everywhere.

How can Trowbridge Electrical Help

hone rewires Trowbridge Electrical is your local domestic NAPIT Approved Electrician operating in Trowbridge, Wiltshire.

Trowbridge Electrical was founded by Bill Lock who has over 40 years of electrical contracting experience and is based in Staverton in Trowbridge.

Experiencing problems with your electrical systems in your home, take action now. Contact your local electrician in Trowbridge by using our online booking form. Or chat live with Bill Lock at Trowbridge Electrical.

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