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Garage and Shed lighting and power sockets

Today it is common for a garage and shed to have lighting and power sockets.  But in older houses, there might not be so well equipped with lighting and power sockets.  There is now a full range of switches and sockets to suit garages and sheds.  However, you will have to employ an electrician, for the connecting up and testing.

Working out how to get your Garage Connected

Once you have sorted out how to get the cable to the garage you then need to get it inside. Garage walls aren’t as thick as those for the house, so this makes things easier.  Once the internal cable runs are completed a consumer unit will need to be installed in the garage.

The electrician will then connect up lights to one slot and power to another, with spares available for future use.  He will connect it all up and test it before you can use it.

How can Trowbridge Electrical Help

Trowbridge Electrical is your local domestic NAPIT Approved Electrician operating in Trowbridge, Wiltshire.

Trowbridge Electrical was founded by Bill Lock who has over 40 years of electrical contracting experience and is based in Staverton in Trowbridge.

If you require a garage or shed sockets and lighting, take action now. Contact your local electrician in Trowbridge by using our online booking form. Or chat live with Bill Lock at Trowbridge Electrical.

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