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For All of Your Electrical Needs: Trowbridge Electrician and Electrical Contractors in Trowbridge

Check out Trowbridge Electrical for professional quality electricians available in Trowbridge, Wiltshire.

Don’t settle for an amateur when it comes to your electrics in Trowbridge. Trowbridge Electrical has skilled electricians in your area.

With every electrical job, we take the greatest care.  When you need electricians, give us a ring on 07957 870663 to get to know more about our services.

Watch the Trowbridge Electrical video to find out how we can help you.

Trowbridge Electrical is a local company based in Staverton, Wiltshire and provides electrical installation and testing to Trowbridge residential customers and surrounding areas.

We can provide a complete solution which includes installing new wiring in a solid wall, we can take care of any re-plastering.

Call our electricians in Trowbridge on 01225 635112 or 07957 870663

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