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Electrical Safety Tips for Summer 2023

Electrical Safety should never be forgotten, so to keep you and your family safe this summer we have put together some essential electrical safety tips this summer.

Summer 2023 has been amazing, with endless warm temperatures, and enjoying outdoor activities.  Kids enjoying paddling pools, iced drinks, and barbeques bring family and friends together.  Find out how to keep safe this summer by reviewing the following tips;

Electrical Safety Tips for Summer 2023

  • Keep electronics away from the water – If you’ve kids are enjoying their paddling pools. Kids love music, however, think twice about putting speakers or MP3 players right by the paddling pools or outdoor swimming pools. All electronics should be kept at least ten feet away from the pool or any other water source. It doesn’t matter how careful you are, accidents can and do happen.
  • Use outdoor-rated extension cords – If you’re going to set up your mp3 player or smartphone outside to play some music, make sure that you are using an extension cord that is rated for outdoor use. There’s a good chance it will be exposed to moisture outside – and an outdoor-rated extension cord will be able to handle small exposure to water.
  • Inspect your extension cords for damage – Before using an extension cord, inspect it carefully for damage. The last thing you should do is use a damaged cord as it presents a safety risk – especially if you plan on using it outdoors. Any cracked extension cords or exposed wires should not be used outdoors.
  • Install GFCIs – A GCFI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) is a device that can help improve the safety of your outlets.  A GFCI will shut off the power to the outlet if the circuit is compromised, such as if it gets exposed to water, a spilt drink, etc. This will help to improve the security of your electrical appliances as well as the safety of those in your home.
  • Trim your tree branches – If the branches on your property are growing a little too close to any power lines, have them trimmed to prevent any downed power lines during high winds or thunderstorms.
  • Know where your breaker box is – If there’s an electrical emergency in your home, then you’ll need to know where the breaker box is so that you can shut off the power in a hurry.

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