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Bill Lock

Bill Lock

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Electrical safety around Trowbridge homes

One of Trowbridge Electrical’s roles is to educate and inform you about electrical safety around Trowbridge homes.  To help improve overall safety outcomes for homeowners in and around the Trowbridge area.

Electricity is inherently dangerous and it’s illegal and potentially fatal for unlicensed and unqualified people to undertake any electrical work.

Homeowners and consumers must always use qualified and licensed electrical professionals.

The safe and efficient use of electricity in the home is important for your family’s welfare and may assist you to reduce electricity usage and your costs. Keep your family safe by ensuring all electrical appliances and equipment in and around your home are safe to use and in good working order.

Call in a professional whenever you need electrical work done, no matter how small the job.

Don’t be tempted to do your own electrical work, it is illegal and it can also be deadly.

Some people think they can fix things themselves but it takes years to become a licensed electrician.

Contact your local qualified electrician today.

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